by Kat Christen


  • Greenhouse: Students and volunteers helped build raised beds with milled ends salvaged from Glen Helen trees. We planted beds with winter hardy crops like lettuce, collards, and beets for early spring harvest. We harvested the first spring greens Mid-March for the students to enjoy in the dining hall.
  • Soil enhancement: We are now composting at least 95% of the vegetable scraps from Birch Commons. Our batch from the fall quarter will be ready for use this spring. Horse manure from the local Riding Centre has also fully composted after being turned monthly over the winter. This will provide the bulk of fertility to the poorest soil areas. The hens that have been grazing in the annual vegetable area are also augmenting fertility.
  • Farm Education: Antioch College Farmer Kat Christen presented a Global Seminar class on sustainable agriculture, which was well received. All students toured the farm as a part of the class.

2012 PLANS

The Farm is gearing up for its first full growing season. We plan on planting at least 1/4 acre in annual vegetables in addition to the greenhouse space. Also, a small plot will be dedicated to growing fresh food for the Alumni Reunion in June. Planting the herb layer of the food forest will also be a priority this growing season. The herb layer will include culinary, edible and medicinal herbs and flowers.

The farm will raise 130 poultry over the growing season—30 layers for eggs and 100 meat birds. Chicks will be raised at the Trailside Museum and can be visited by the public during open hours. Ten ducklings will be raised at the Community Children’s Center for both meat and eggs. All birds will be slow-growth breeds, organic fed, and raised on pasture after four weeks inside.