Twonette Pack ’94

Interview by Christian Feuerstein ’94

Twonette PackTwonette Pack ’94 has “a relatively new position for the City of Dallas,” she explains—the Community Reintegration Housing Coordinator. She coordinates housing and intensive case management services for ex-offenders with HIV and AIDS. “My approach,” she says, “is to look at them holistically. Not only do I assist them with housing, but I also try and provide them with the resources and support they need to live a long, healthy life.”

How did you first hear of Antioch College?
I first heard about Antioch from a Womyn’s studies teacher I had in high school. I originally went to an all-womyn’s college in Virginia, which did not work out well. My politics did not mesh well with their environment of privileged entitlement. I moved back home to Baltimore, Maryland, and was working, trying to figure out what to do next, when I ran into my old high school teacher. She convinced me to visit Antioch to just check it out. Once I visited, which was also the night of a Div dance, I knew I had found my place.

Who are some professors that really made a difference for you?
My most impactful professors were Melinda Kanner, Nancy Lundgren, Jewel Graham, and Joseph Jordan. I loved their passion for what they were teaching, which, in turn made me want to become more engaged in my education. However, my mentor throughout my years at Antioch College was Joan Chappelle, who ran the Counseling Center. Joan helped me tap into my passion for helping people and she helped keep me centered when situations arose that were challenging.

What was your favorite co-op? What did you do there?
My favorite co-op experience was working as a grant writers’ assistant in Chicago. My employer wrote grants for small non-profits in the city of Chicago, which allowed me to meet with agencies that were doing grassroots work to positively impact folks living at the poverty level. There were some wonderful womyn in those agencies that took me under their wing and really showed me how important it is to try and empower your community in order to bring positive changes.

What are your favorite memories of being on campus?
I have so many great memories! I won’t go into specifics; I will just say that I used to love some of the Saturday night dances, hiking in the Glen, the cultural workshops, movie nights in the main building, Third World Alliance group meetings, and impromptu get togethers in the counseling center or outside of the cafeteria, classes on the lawn ….

Why do you give to Antioch College?
I have given because Antioch helped shape me into the womyn I am today. I still live by Horace Mann’s motto and believe in the mission of Antioch. Some of the most wonderful people I have ever met were Antioch students and professors. There always needs to be a place that fosters growth, social justice, and independence in people of all ages and I believe Antioch College does that.

Any advice for the current students of the College?
I would probably advise current students to surround themselves with positive, supportive people, whether that is other students or staff. I would tell them that there are going to be challenges or obstacles on their journey but to not get discouraged—persevere. Amazingly, the co-op that I love now is the one I hated while I was in it. My personal growth came when I realized that there are lessons to be learned from every situation. Good luck!