Our Wins

Barbara Bean ’43 earned the highest badge possible in the Girl Scouts, the Golden Eaglet award, and received the pin while a student was at Antioch College. Now 91, she is getting her long-overdue ceremony.

Sean Beaudoin ’92 authored a rebuttal to Time’s Joel Stein decrying adults reading YA in the online publication The Nervous Breakdown.

Robert Fogarty, professor emeritus and editor of the Antioch Review, was a visiting lecturer at Cornell University from April 18–19. He participated in a graduate seminar for students in the MFA creative writing program.

Richard Kaplan ’49 has launched a website for his documentary, Varian and Putzi.

Robin Rice Lichtig ’64 has a number of plays in production. Alice in Black and White will be at the Great Plains Theatre Conference (Omaha, May–June). Occupy will be featured at the Resonance Ensemble’s 30th anniversary on June 1, 2012, in New York City. In August, the world premiere production of Listen! The River will be at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, with previews in New York City on July 12, 13, and 15.

Sharan Newman ’71 has put together a book of short stories, Death Before Compline, that has collected all the “Catherine” short mysteries that have been published. It is available for Nook and Kindle. She is also still weighing in with media about her last book, The Real History of the End of the World. See sharannewman.com for more information.

Jane Rago ’97 was profiled in The Inkwell Online about her professorship at Armstrong Atlantic State University.

John Sims ’90 has released a new film, The Rhythm of Structure, which has earned a spot in the Sarasota Film Festival.

Jay Tuck ’68 has done voiceover work for a number of videos, including the international version of Active Skin Protection, which won a Media Globe in Gold in the category “Educational Films” at the World Media Festival in Hamburg.