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Cover of latest Hakola albumTheo Blomquist ’77 (stage name Theo Hakola), has released a new album, This Land Is Not Your Land, with the help of his backing band The Wobbly Ashes. The new album can be purchased through the the Alternative Tentacles website, and digital downloads of it and several of his previous albums are available through iTunes and Amazon.

Since 1995 Theo has lived in Paris, where he also works in theater and film and as a novelist; his novel Rakia was published in France (in French) last fall and can be purchased through Amazon. Since graduating from Antioch, Theo has also lived and worked in New York and Los Angeles, releasing two albums with the band Orchestre Rouge and five albums with the band Passion Fodder.

More information is available at Theo’s website, and he invites friends to write him He encouraged us to share the following videos from the new album:

“The Only Church”

“Ilmarinen’s Lament”

“This Land Is Not Your Land”

“Fox News Is My Muse”