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Antiart 81
Download and view Antiart 81, Antioch College’s 1981 yearbook. (If you cannot access the file at the above link, use this alternate link instead.)

Antioch College “Yearbook” from 1981

Throughout the years, many graduating classes of Antioch College would create “grassroots yearbooks” with money raised through bake sales and community governance assistance.

“People used things called darkrooms, a chemical called Dektol, and rolls of film,” said Steve Duffy ’77. “Old school.”

Each year, the title of the yearbook would evolve: AntArt, Ant-bacch, Anti-och, etc. Here is the AntiArt from 1981.

For more examples of these yearbooks, visit or e-mail Scott Sanders in Antiochiana at . Steve Duffy () also has one available from the 1990s at the circulation desk in the Olive Kettering Library.