Jonathan Rauberts ’97

Jonathan Rauberts '97 - Focus - Antioch College

Interview by Christian Feuerstein ’94

Jonathan RaubertsJonathan Rauberts ’97 says of his second winter on Antioch’s campus, “There were… 100 people on campus. It was like being in a protracted horror movie.” Now that Rauberts is a senior art director at Showtime, that background can only come in handy as he designs campaigns for shows such as Dexter. Rauberts talks to The Independent about how viewing things in systems changes the world, accepting people, and more about his work at Showtime.

Who are some professors that really made a difference for you?
Frank Adler [political science] and Dismas Masolo [philosophy]. Both teachers where involved in showing me how to view things in systems. Once you're able to look at things this way, the world changes for you.

What was your favorite co-op? What did you do there?
[My] favorite co-op was actually working for a Mexican bookstore, in Mexico. I learned a lot about how to communicate with people—not so much as language goes, but more with how people interact in non-verbal ways.

Any advice for the current students of the College?
Yes. The most important thing I gained from Antioch was a single skill. That skill was the ability to, in a very deep way, accept people. Even people who I thought [were] horrible or stressful. I learned the ability to accept people has helped me more in life than anything else.

Tell us a little bit about your work at Showtime.
I am a senior art director for broadcast design. Most of what I do has to do with how each season of the programs I work on (Dexter, Homeland) is going to be advertised to people. Basically, I’m explaining to the public—using images and type—how these shows should be digested or anticipated. I do this by designing both the launch spots and teaser campaigns. Then, after that, I design “packaging” for the show.