Antioch alumna rekindles 62-year-old love from Antioch co-op

Cynthia Riggs
Cynthia Riggs ’53

In Unexpected Twist, Love Came Late in Life Yet Right on Time

By Remy Tumin

First published in the Vineyard Gazette on Oct. 26, 2012. Reprinted with permission. Copyright Vineyard Gazette 2012, all rights reserved.

It had been 62 years since Cynthia Riggs ’53 had heard from Howard Attebery. The two had worked together during the summer of 1950 at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, sorting and counting plankton at the San Diego laboratory. At 18 years old, Ms. Riggs was a long way from her home in West Tisbury, Massachusetts. It was the first time she had ever travelled to the West Coast but she was eager to emerge herself in scientific life.