Volunteer Work Project saved the College approximately $130,096 in 2012

Contributing to this article: Jon Baker ’72; Evelyn LaMers ’69; Tom LaMers ’68; Jim Spangler ’74; Penny Storm ’65; Jim Taft ’68; David Vincent ’65; and Richard Zopf ’73

The Office of Advancement is proud to announce that the Volunteer Work Project reached 7,025 hours donated by 123 volunteers in 2012, saving the College approximately $130,096, according to end-of-year estimates.

Over 80 alumni showed up in June for the Alumni Work Project that preceded Reunion 2012. These volunteers worked in the Oliver Kettering Library, Science Building, on the Antioch Farm and elsewhere performing a variety of tasks. While a lot got done, much still needed to be done. Many of the alums, having had a great time working on the College, joined in pledging “just one more week” of volunteer work. As a result, a record number of people turned out for the October work project.

Thirty-one alumni and friends showed up on campus during the week of October 15 to continue the work from the Reunion Work Project. The College provided free housing in Case Commons (the Units) and, thanks to Penny Storm, excellent meals were served in the Coretta Scott King Center.

Five main projects were tackled:

Refinishing the Science Building cabinets

The College is working to restore a portion of the Science Building. Alumni volunteers took on the task of repairing and refinishing sixteen antique oak cabinet bases from the first and second floor chemistry labs.  The cabinets were removed from the Science Building and sent to a furniture restoration company in Dayton to be stripped. College facilities staff performed disassembly and transport while alumni volunteers during the Reunion Work Project did framework repair and finished sanding.

During the summer, after Reunion, College staff completed the structural repairs and much of the sanding and re-varnishing.  A major upgrade was refinishing the cabinet interiors with a durable epoxy finish.

Back on campus in October, alumni volunteers continued sanding and varnishing cabinet doors, as well as reinstalling doors, drawers, hinges, and hardware on cabinets that had already been completed. By the end of the October project, the second floor cabinets were nearly completed. A total of 128 doors and 96 drawers were sanded and the majority coated with urethane.  Volunteers also sprang into action creating useable drawers and doors from salvaged parts.

This project was estimated by a contractor to cost $60,000. The volunteers’ labor saved the College a considerable amount of money and kept a part of Antioch’s history in the renovated science labs.

Painting the Amphitheater

Last painted fifteen years ago, wind, weather, and graffiti artists had left the theater in sore need of a new coat of paint. During the Reunion Work Project, 25 volunteers helped put ten gallons of primer and 53 gallons of top-coat on the walls and another gallon of red paint on the hand rails. While this was a great effort, a second coat was really needed.

In October, a dozen volunteers tackled the Amphitheater for a second time, putting on another 37 gallons of finish top-coat. The efforts were well worth it because the theater looks great. Driving along Corry Street, the Amphitheater literally pops out of the landscape. The only thing left to do is to finish up painting the hand rails, a task that we’re looking forward to completing during the 2013 Reunion Work Project.

Painting the Olive Kettering Library

Volunteers and College facility staff had already painted the Olive Kettering Library’s basement and begun painting the first floor. In October, alumni, again working with facility staff, patched and painted more walls on the first floor. Some alums moved books and shelves, others spackled holes and cracks in the walls, while still others wielded paint brushes and rollers. By the end of the week, 90% of the first floor walls were completed. A current student, seeing the fun we were having, volunteered and painted for a day.

Lighting the Library

In earlier work projects volunteers had begun replacing the old lighting in the Library with new, high-efficiency light bulbs and ballasts (the electronic device that controls the fluorescent bulbs). During the Reunion Work Project, the first floor was re-lamped. In October, the second floor was completed. The College has already received a $1,500 rebate from the electric company. The savings from the new lights will easily pay for the new bulbs and ballasts, and continue providing energy savings in the future.

Theater Building cleanup

With hopes that work restoring the Theater Building may begin sometime soon, several alums started cleaning out the building. They hauled out tons of stuff—usable furniture that was stored elsewhere, scrap metal for recycling and just plain trash, enough to fill a dumpster. Reusable lighting equipment was sorted and stored.

While using one of the College’s pickup trucks to move the furniture, alumni volunteers were asked to make a couple side trips. One was to the Yellow Springs police department to pick up 21 abandoned bicycles to seed a bicycle repair shop students want to create. The other trip, made at the request of the College’s chef, was to pick up 800 pounds of grass fed beef and store it in the College freezer.

Other projects

There were other projects going on during the week. Some alums helped out in the farm, others assisted in the Office of Admission and Financial Aid and the library, and others painted a room in the Sontag Fels building to be used as a social gathering spot for students.

The October 2012 work project was the largest non-Reunion project to date. It brought together alums that wanted to help make a difference, who wanted to aid the College with their own efforts, and who, in the process, had a great time.

Alumni work projects are scheduled for January, March, and June (Reunion) next year.

The Office of Advancement is especially look for volunteers for the January Work Project, January 21–25 to continue work on the theater building, fundraising efforts, residence hall repairs, and more.

Contact Maureen Devine-Ahl, director of alumni relations and the annual fund, for more information. She can be reached at 937-206-1317 or .

Monthly Volunteer Work Projects: 2012

Compiled by Maya Nye ’99, former alumni relations officer for volunteer management

  • January 2012 – Martin Luther King, Jr. Day events, Olive Kettering Library basement painting, Herndon Gallery docents, germination plant stands for the Farm.
    • Jim Spangler ’74, Evelyn LaMers ’69, Charles Brown ’82, Sharon Strickler, Tanya Fetcho, Chris Salazar, Don Coulter, Richard Zopf, Sue Abendroth, Dennis Geehan, Nina Myatt ’53, Mary Watters
  • February 2012 – Admissions Viral Campaign, chicken coop construction for the Farm, Olive Kettering Library lighting retrofits.
    • Al Denman, Donna Denman, Kay Reimers, Beverly Logan, Pat Deweese, Dave Westneat, Jim Rose ’56, Hardy Ballantine, Peggy Erskine ’60, Sharon Strickler, Bobbi Treadwell, Wanita Murphy, Dennis Geehan, Charles Brown ’82, Faye Choo, Nina Myatt ’53, Nancy Noonan, Steven Duffy ’77, Joan Horn ’56, and Sue Abendroth ’68, Don Coakley ’76, Lynda Terry, Jane Baker, Shelby Chestnut ’05, Emily Seibel ’06, Lin Wood ’81, Rick Walkey, and Ali Thomas, Jim Taft ‘68, Jon Baker ’72, Richard Zopf, Megan Trolander, Evelyn LaMers ‘69, Jim Spangler ’74, Don Coulter, Mary Watters, Tanya Fetcho
  • March 2012 – North Hall door refinishing project, Case Commons #2 updates, re-landscaping of the Antioch College sign in horseshoe.
    • Participants: Tom LaMers ’68, Sharon Strickler, Dana Fleming, Jim Spangler ’74, Megan Trolander, and Evelyn LaMers ’69
  • April 2012 – beautified area around South Gym, Case Commons #2 updates, prep for Amphitheater painting.
  • April 2012 – Volunteer appreciation
    • Participants: Sharon Strickler, Richard Zopf ’73, Don Coulter, Gary Houseknecht ’66, Jim Spangler ’74
  • May 2012 – Reunion Work Project prep: Amphitheater repainting and power washing, Science Building cabinet refinishing preparation, frame building for Herndon Gallery exhibition, Case Commons #2 updates.
    • Participants: Jon Baker ’72, Gary Houseknecht ’66, Sharon Strickler, Evelyn LaMers ’69, Megan Trolander, Richard Zopf ’73, Tom LaMers ’68, Don Coakley ’76, Don Coulter, Dana Fleming, Jim Spangler ’74, and Phyllis Logan
  • June 2012 – Reunion Work Project
    • Participants: Amy A. Peterson, Benjamin M. Garcia-Spitz 2006, Brenda D. Manning ’67, Carl H. Smith ’63, Carolyn B. Smith ’69, Charlotte B. Hallam ’60, Claudene F. Oliva ’67, Claudia J. Winger ’66, David A. Nekimken ’68, David F. Vincent ’65, Dia Fey, Diane Fishbein ’62, Donald J. Coulter, Earl S. Lemberger, Elin J. Shallcross ’67, Elizabeth D. Richards 2006, Ellen F. Pillard ’60, Eric W. Miller ’81, Eugene N. Barron ’62, Evelyn LaMers ’69, Gary W. Houseknecht ’66, Gene B. Milgram ’69, Helen F. Welford ’69, Hope Anne Nathan ’92, Irwin H. Pomerantz ’57, Jacinta E. Williams ’75, James A. Spangler ’74, James A. Taft ’68, James M. Johnson, Janice G. Campbell ’61, Jeanne Papish ’81, Jo Procter ’58, Joan E. Stockton ’65, Joan H. Horn ’56, John Kubale 2010, Jonathan G. Zimmerman ’70, Jonathan L. Baker ’72, Joseph Lichtig, Joseph M. Foley ’64, Julia A. Lightner ’91, Katherine M. Huff ’67, Lois P. Reid ’50, Louise S. Meller ’67, Mac Palmer ’61, Marc U. Snyder 2008, Marcia Anderson ’67, Margery F. Palmer ’61, Marie F. Wolf ’58, Megan M. Trolander, Meredith Sarkees ’72, Michael D. Freese ’67, Mike Kittross ’51, Nancy H. Geist ’55, Nicholas F. Muska ’65, Nicholas M. Sanders ’62, Nina D. Myatt ’53, Pauline E. Segal ’83, Peggy Erskine ’60, Penny A. Storm ’65, Penny Jones ’52, Peter King ’86, Ralph A. Overton ’61, Richard N. Schwab ’58, Richard Zopf ’73, Robert W. Hernblad ’62, Robin A. Sheerer ’63, Robin R. Lichtig ’64, Rochelle Schwab ’63, Roger M. Huff ’69, Roger M. Husbands ’63, Ronald C. Winger ’64, Rosalie M. Dillan ’68, Rosalind K. Houseknecht ’66, Sarah Reid, Sharon L. Strickler, Sharon R. Merriman ’55, Susanne Tons ’53, Ted Scatchard ’62, Tod A. Tyslan ’96, Tom H. LaMers ’68, Vicky J. Owens, Warren McKay ’59, Wendy Rossen ’68
  • July 2012 – Olive Kettering Library lighting retrofits, campus beautification.
    • Participants: Sharon Strickler and Richard Zopf
  • August 2012 - Sontag Fels cleaning and refurbishing.
    • Participants: Jim Spangler ’74, Megan Trolander, Sharon Strickler, Richard Zopf ’73 and Alumni Board President Joe Foley ’64
  • September 2012 – Olive Kettering Library painting.
    • Participants: Jim Spangler, Sharon Strickler and Richard Zopf
  • October 2012 - Refinishing the Science Building cabinets, painting the Amphitheater, painting the Olive Kettering Library, Olive Kettering Library lighting retrofits, Theater Building cleanup, Farm work, Sontag Fels painting, Admissions work.
    • Participants: Jon Baker ’72, Charlie Brown ’82, Joe Foley ’64, Bernie Guyer ’65, David Hergesheimer ’71, Gary Houseknecht ’66, Kathy Huff ’67, Roger Huff ’69, Evelyn LaMers ’69, Tom LaMers ’68, Earl Lemberger Friend, Louise Meller ’67, Nick Muska ’65, Megan Rosenfeld ’69, Richard Schwab ’58, Rochelle Schwab ’63, Robin Sheerer ’63, Carl Smith ’63, Carolyn Smith ’69, Marc Snyder ’94, Jim Spangler ’74, Joan Stockton ’64, Penny Storm ’65, Sharon Strickler Friend, Alex Taft Friend, Jim Taft ’68, Megan Trolander Friend, Tod Tyslan ’96, David Vincent ’65, Helen Welford ’69, Jonathan Zimmerman ’71, Richard Zopf ’73,