Farm Report

Farm Report - Antioch College

By Kat Christen, Antioch Farm manager

This winter the Antioch Farm greenhouse has provided refuge from cold weather for voles and students alike. Inside, our vibrant greens hold on to life until they can grow again as the day lengthens. We weed, water, and harvest the greens through the winter, as well as add layers of woodchips to the paths. Outside the greenhouse the compost cooks into rich fertilizer and chickens make their way unbothered along the chilly ground.

The farm in winter

About 60 students and staff toured the Antioch Farm to kick off this quarter’s Global Seminar on Food. I, along with staff across all disciplines, will be leading weekly discussion groups and assisting with student projects associated with our various fields. Some projects include making maple syrup, creating an herbal tea station, interviewing and photographing elder growers, and exploring the influence of a particular ethnic group on food.

Student farm workers

The numbers are in! Data from March to September (2012) indicates the Antioch Farm produced 1,300 pounds of fresh produce, a retail value of $4,900! This is excellent for our first growing season, especially considering the unimproved soil and drought conditions of 2012. The hay field (old golf course) yielded a $1,156 in hay value, of which some was traded for mulch material for the farm.