Our Wins

Our Wins - Antioch College

Sean Beaudoin ’92, a native of Newtown, Connecticut, wrote movingly in Salon about the massacre there.

Lawrence Block ’60 was featured in the “Talk of the Town” section of the New Yorker January 14, 2013 issue. On page 23 is a pretty spectacular caricature of the mystery writer.

Emily Lambert ’97 was featured in Art in America about her participation in the inaugural Untitled art fair, which took place in a tent on the sands of Miami Beach.

Sylvia Nasar ’70, author of A Beautiful Mind, is taking Columbia University to court.

Ramesh Patel, professor of philosophy and religion emeritus, has released the book Hinduism for Today: A Seminar in the Philosophy of Hindu Thought and Spirituality. He notes that his first book, Philosophy of the Gita, came out in 1990 and was reviewed by the Antioch Record.

Rend Smith ’95 was published in the Opinionator section of The New York Times.

Alan Wald ’69 will have a symposium at the University of Michigan in honor of his retirement from teaching. Entitled “Lineages of the Literary Left: A Symposium in Honor of Alan M. Wald,” it will examine the traditions of scholarship about cultural and literary movements associated with the political left throughout the 20th century and into present day. It will be held March 21–22, 2013, in Ann Arbor.