Antioch alumnus Mike Chlanda ’83 pens book about Maples, the Antioch College Fire Department

Mike Chlanda while firefighting

Mike Chandla ’83, author of the new book on Maples, in firefighting uniform.

The story of Maples, the Antioch College Fire Department, is a long and interesting one, but no one ever thought about writing its history down until a walk down memory lane in 2012. It was while at Reunion 2012 last summer, that alumni Mike Chlanda ’83 and Jeanne Papish ’81 started reminiscing.

“We were talking about how the older guys were passing on, and how it would be sad to miss out on some of the history,” Chlanda said. “It's such a great story and had such a profound effect on people's lives that it really needed to be told. So I decided to do it.”