Alumni and friends gather for March 2013 Volunteer Work Project

What do you do with a dormitory when the students leave for their co-op jobs? Send in the volunteers! 

Eighteen alumni and friends, including four Alumni Board members, gathered for another Volunteer Work Project March 4–8. With the Class of 2015 away on co-op, all of Birch Hall was available to receive a paint job and some needed repairs. Later in the week, volunteers received some big news. Read on!

During the work project, the varied talents of our alumni were put to good use.  Jim Taft fabricated and installed missing pieces of cabinets. Tom ‘68 and Evelyn ‘69 LaMers, using their own tools and great patience, repaired the wood veneer on many cabinet doors, drawers and faces. Gary Houseknecht ‘66, Bernie Guyer ‘65 and others sanded chipped paint from the doors. Jim Spangler ‘74 made sure we got more paint on the walls and doors than on ourselves. Joe Foley ‘64 installed shower stall dividers and other bathroom hardware. David Vincent ‘65, Tod Tyslan ‘96 and Evelyn LaMers refinished the handrail in the center stairway. Carolyn Smith ‘69, Sharon Strickler and others removed years of mineral water stains in all of the drinking fountains. Tanya Mink helped reinstall missing window screens.

The College provided free housing in Case Commons to those who needed it and, thanks to volunteers Helen Welford ’69 and Louise Meller ‘67, the crew had three delicious, home-cooked, and healthy meals each day. No one missed the dinner bell knowing that a feast was waiting.