Record number of volunteers gather for Reunion Volunteer Work Project 2013

By Rebecca Fensler, Alumni Relations Officer for Volunteers and Chapters

More than 100 alumni and friends convened on campus June 10-13, 2013, for the largest annual Reunion Volunteer Work Project to date. 108 volunteers gave more than 2,568 hours to Antioch College during the week leading up to Reunion 2013. Some traveled from places as far away as Alaska while others live locally in Yellow Springs. Many were long-time volunteers. For others, this was their very first work project. For E. Macdougall “Mac” Palmer ’61 coming to work project is a tradition—one he began decades ago in 1986. This year, Mac could be found every day, alongside Jonathan Zimmerman ‘70, in the greenhouse, repairing tables and removing old steam pipes. You can learn a lot about work project by talking with Mac, or a long-time volunteer like Penny Storm ’65, who has also been helping to organize them since the very beginning.

Work project volunteers span the generations.This year’s Reunion Work Project attracted alumni from across the generations.  Among them were Helen Hawthorne ’48, who assisted the Alumni Relations staff in preparing for Reunion weekend, and Mike Kittross ’51, who spent the week tackling a project in Antiochiana. Julie Lineburgh ‘06 worked alongside Joan Stockton ’65, and several others, readying Pennell House to be used for staff offices. Volunteers Jilana Ordman ’98, Phillip Brigham ’97, and Joe Foley ’64 were among a group of volunteers that removed old, damaged flooring from the Foundry Theater and salvaged flooring from the Curl Gym.

Work project volunteers always welcome new faces.Though for many volunteers, work project is an opportunity to catch up with old friends, the group of familiar faces always encourages new volunteers to attend.  For Bobbi Weber and Tom Cicolello ’83, each experiencing work project for the first time, it was a chance to spend the week volunteering on the Antioch Farm. Bobbi, a master gardener whose father attended Antioch in the 1930s and 40s, enjoyed planting, mulching, and weeding alongside other new and “seasoned” volunteers.

Work project volunteers tackle all kinds of projects and have a variety of skills.There was something for every skill, interest, and ability at this year’s Reunion Work Project! With alumni coming from across the country, volunteers like Amy Peterson, Dana Fleming, Warren McKay ‘59, and Jude Demers ‘97 shuttled out-of-towners from the airport to campus. Volunteers willing and able to do physical labor were put to work removing flooring in the gym and theater, planting, mulching, and weeding around campus, and building picnic tables. Volunteers Art Trenholme ‘63, David Graham ‘71, Julia Lightner ‘91, and Brenda Manning ‘67 could be found painting in Pennell House and in the Science Building. Aside from maintenance and outdoor tasks, volunteers assisted with projects in Antiochiana, co-op, Admissions, and Advancement. Other projects during the week included sanding drawing tables and easels for the Art Department, cleaning in Birch Hall, painting benches, electrical work in McGregor, and repainting the mural on the Volunteer Workshop. 

Work project volunteers work hard, play hard, and eat well!Of course, feeding more than 100 volunteers takes a lot of planning and hard work. Jo Proctor ‘58, Penny Storm ‘65, Sharon Merriman ‘55, Helen Welford ‘69, Vicki Morgan ‘66, Louise Meller ‘67, Peggy Erskine ‘60, Charlotte Hallam ‘60, Joan Horn ‘56, Robin Sheerer ’63, and Marie Wolfe ‘58 were among the group of “kitchen crew” volunteers who made sure everyone was well-fed with delicious meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. After a hard day’s work, volunteers could catch up over drinks and appetizers. One evening, the group enjoyed a folk sing led by local musicians, organized by Janice Campbell ‘61. On Wednesday evening of work project, volunteers enjoyed a celebratory dinner hosted by Mark and Dorothy Roosevelt and the Office of Alumni Relations.

Of course, the best way to learn about work project is to join us for one. You can find the dates for upcoming work projects here. To find out more about volunteering at Antioch, contact Rebecca Fensler, Alumni Relations Officer for Volunteers and Chapters at

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Mark your calendar! The next quarterly work project will be October 7-11, 2013!

Thank you for volunteering at Reunion Volunteer Work Project 2013!

Joshua Alsup ‘03

Jon Baker ‘72

Marsha Baker ‘73

Judinya Brevik

Marcus Brevik ‘03

Phillip Brigham ‘97

Charlie Brown ‘82

Chiara Bruckner ‘03

Janice Campbell ‘61

Tom Cicolello ‘83

Elen Crone ‘63

Jude Demers ‘97

Manuela Dobos ‘58

Margaret Eccles ‘66

Peggy Erskine ’60

Diane Fishbein ‘62

Dana Fleming

Jane Flueckiger

Joe Foley ‘64

Athena Turner-Frederick ‘82

Alcione Frederick

Kobren Frederick

Michael Freese ‘67

Nancy Geist ‘55

David Graham ‘71

Benjamin Gruhl ‘04

Bernie Guyer ‘65

Jane Guyer

David Hall ‘60

Rascha Hall ‘62

Charlotte Hallam ‘60

Susan Hartman Muska ‘65

Helen Hawthorne ‘48

Doug Hawthorne

Robert Hernblad ‘62

Jim Hobart ‘58

Joan Horn ‘56

Gary Houseknecht ‘66

Roz Houseknecht ‘66

Kathy Huff ‘67

Roger Huff ‘69

Roger Husbands ‘63

Karen Jacobs ‘63

Karen Kimber

Mike Kittross ‘51

Shirley Kristensen ‘54

Evelyn LaMers ‘69

Tom LaMers ‘68

Earl Lemberger

Julia Lightner ‘91

Julie Lineburgh ‘06

Kate Logan

Ruth Lurie ‘63

Brenda Manning ‘67

Susan McAllister ‘67

Warren McKay ‘59

Louise Meller ‘67

Sharon Merriman ‘55

Tanya Mink ‘64

Lee Morgan ‘66

Vicki Morgan ‘66

Nick Muska ‘65

Tad Mutersbaugh ’82

Nina Myatt ‘53

David Nekimken ‘68

Deane Oliva ‘67

Jilana Ordman ‘98

Ralph Overton ‘61

Mac Palmer ‘61

Margery Palmer ‘61

Amy Peterson

Jo Proctor ‘58

Beth Richards ‘04

Elise Roenigk ‘64

Wendy Rossen ‘68

Helen Rubart ‘69

Nick Sanders ‘62

Ted Scatchard ‘62

Dick Schwab ‘58

Shelly Schwab ‘63

David Scott ‘72

Karen Sheaffer ‘65

Robin Sheerer ‘63

Alan Siegel ‘63

Carl Smith ‘63

Carolyn Smith ‘69

Marc Snyder

Jim Spangler ‘74

Joan Stockton ‘65

Penny Storm ‘65

Sharon Strickler

Jim Taft ‘68

Art Trenholme ‘63

Megan Trolander

Tod Tyslan ‘96

David Vincent ‘65

Judith Voet ‘63

Bobbi Weber

Helen Welford ‘69

Dea Westfall ‘08

Helen Wheeler ‘69

Marie Wolfe ‘58

Alexandra Wujnovich

Mike Wujnovich ‘87

Ruth Yarrow ‘62

Mike Yarrow ‘63

Jonathan Zimmerman ‘70

Richard Zopf ‘73