Volunteers gather for October Work Project 2013

By Rebecca FenslerAlumni Relations Officer for Volunteers and Chapters

Antioch’s volunteers continue to break records! This month, alumni and friends from across the country gathered for the largest non-Reunion work project to date. 34 volunteers gave over 1,123 hours, valued at over $24,874, in service to the College. Among the participants were several alumni who have not been to a work project in many years, including Gordon ’55 and Barbara Evans ’57 and Marc Gurvitch ’65. Marc’s son Eli, and others, like Jim Hunter ’81, joined work project for the very first time. Four Alumni Board members, Jon Baker ’72Charlotte Hallam ‘60Roger Husbands ’63and Joan Horn ’56, participated in the work project, which followed October’s Alumni Board meeting.

Volunteers worked on a variety of projects, focused on the Foundry Theater, which is currently undergoing an initial phase of renovations. Tom LaMers ’68, Gordon Evans ‘55, and Sharon Strickler were among a group of volunteers who started building a sprung floor for the Theater’s dance space. Another group, including Jim Taft ’68Roger Huff ’69Evelyn LaMers ’69Elin Shallcross ‘67Trudi Rogier, and Shirley Kristensen ’54, worked methodically to prepare floor boards salvaged from the old Curl Gymnasium for use on the sprung floor. Jim Spangler ’74, Roger Husbands ‘63, Eli Gurvitch, Jon Baker ‘72, Tad Mutersbaugh ’82 and others completed a retiling of the Theater atrium (see photo).  David Vincent ’65Marc Snyder ’08Tod Tyslan ’96, and Jim Hunter ’81 continued painting the Theater workshop.

Outside of the Theater, Julia Lightner ‘91Marsha Baker ‘73, Barbara Evans ‘57, and Megan Trolander finished painting a chemistry storage room in the Science Building, a project that had been started during Reunion Work Project. Gary Houseknecht ‘66Carl Smith ‘63, and Richard Zopf ’73 were among those who salvaged bricks for use at the new Health and Wellness Center. Charlotte Hallam ’60 and Peggy Erskine ’60, with help from Toni Dosik ’67 and Joan Horn ‘56, made sure the group was well-fed throughout the week. A complete list of the hardworking volunteers who contributed to October’s work project is below.  Many thanks to all!

Want to lend a hand? Join us for one of these upcoming work projects:

·       January 21-24, 2014

·       March 3-7, 2014

·       June 9-12, 2014

To find out more about how to sign up, contact Rebecca Fensler, Alumni Relations Officer for Volunteers and Chapters at rfensler@antiochcollege.org or 937-286-7301.


October 2013 Work Project Volunteers

Jon Baker ‘72

Marsha Baker ‘73

Charlie Brown ‘82

Michael Casselli ‘87

Toni Dosik ‘67

Peggy Erskine ‘60

Barbara Evans ‘57

Gordon Evans ‘55

Joe Foley ‘

Eli Gurvitch (friend)

Marc Gurvitch ‘65

Charlotte Hallam ‘60

Joan Horn ‘56

Gary Houseknecht ‘66

Roger Huff ‘69

Jim Hunter ‘81

Roger Husbands ‘63

Shirley Kristensen ‘54

Evelyn LaMers ‘69

Tom LaMers ‘68

Julia Lightner ‘91

Warren McKay ‘59

Tad Mutersbaugh ‘82

Trudi Rogier (friend)

Elin Shallcross ‘67

Carl Smith ‘63

Marc Snyder ‘08

Jim Spangler ‘74

Sharon Strickler (friend)

Jim Taft ‘68

Megan Trolander (friend)

Tod Tyslan ‘96

David Vincent ‘65

Richard Zopf ‘73