Lynda White ’88

Alumna Lynda White ’88 and her husband, fellow Antiochian Jeff Wood ’88 founded Wood & White, Inc. in 2009, a full-service design, styling and photography firm. Their list of services includes food styling, prop styling, graphic design, art installation, mural work, and more. Some of their clients include Marriott, La Creuset, Ritz-Carlton Hotels, Ladies Home Journal, TIME INC. and Consumer Reports.

Lynda sat down this month with The Independent to discuss her art, her vision and her Antioch adventures.


Tell us about your position and your current work.Jeff Wood ’88 (my husband and fellow Antiochian) and I founded our company Wood & White Inc. in 2009. We do design, styling and photography. This year some of our projects included styling for cruise lines and hotels, painting a mural in an Aspen ski resort, ceramic sculpture for Baccarat, interior design and theater design.


What (career-wise) are you most proud of?Winning the NY Outstanding Innovative Theater Design award in 2013 and getting our taxes in on time.


What did you study when you were at Antioch? How did your time at Antioch influence your work?I studied the classics at Antioch. That was a line in an episode of Mad Men. It is hysterically funny but true. I studied Art with a solid foundation of liberal arts education in an environment that required adaptation, self-reliance and radical self-expression. The love of process, problem solving and critical dialogue come from Antioch. Digging

down to find what is real and pushing materials and ideas beyond the expected, valuing community and having values worth fighting for are all a result of my time there.


Any professors that were particularly influential to either your work or your life?All of them, including some staff members and people from the Yellow Springs community. I feel most fortunate to have studied under Gary Bower, Karen Shirley, Michael Jones and Amy Trompeter. Twenty-five years later ,they are still involved in my development as an artist. I doubt that happens at other colleges.


What would you say to current Antioch students who are interested in a similar profession?Do it passionately, stubbornly. Don’t expend energy on whether or not you’ll make it; just keep making things. Be prepared to diversify your skills to pay your bills.


What about your personal life? Kids? Relationships? Travel?Jeff and I approach our life and our work as one in the same. It’s a beautiful, rich life full of projects, travel, deadlines, art, music and being physically active. We live in Brooklyn. It is ridiculous, expensive, ever-changing and visually, endlessly inspiring. My Antioch people are very important to me. Working on the Antioch revival effort since

2007, we have met Antiochians decades older and younger than us and I love our instant sense of shared experience. It’s like belonging to a rare tribe that has existed since 1860.


What does the future hold for you? Tell us about your next project.We’ve just started working on our next Greek tragedy for LaMaMa Theater with fellow Antiochian contemporaries Mark Greenfield ’86 and Alessandra DeMeo ’87. I also have ongoing multimedia work in the studio for a couple of installations that I’m planning to show in 2014.