Antioch College Debate Club honored

The Antioch College Debate Club received the National Educational Debate Association’s (NEDA) Outstanding New Program Award. The award recognizes the early successes of the College’s competitive debate team. In its inaugural year, the Debate Team competed in five tournaments and won many bracket and speaker awards, including the 2013 Cardinal Clash Invitational Sweepstakes Award for “winningest team.”Dean of Admission Micah Canal traveled to Muncie, Indiana this weekend to accept the NEDA award. Here’s a message from Canal to the Antioch community:“It’s really been an honor to help our students develop the team, hone their skills, and burst onto the intercollegiate debate scene with so much success! We’re so grateful to everyone who has helped us win these victories for Antioch, from alumni to faculty to students—we are honored to represent Antioch College and humbled to have been given this award of recognition from the NEDA. We’re looking forward to next year when we will again hit the road to win new debate victories for Antioch!”