Volunteers gather for March Work Project

By Rebecca Fensler, Alumni Relations Officer for Volunteers and Chapters

This month, alumni and friends from across the country gathered for March Volunteer Work Project. 20 volunteers gave over 699 hours, valued at over $15,470, in service to the College. Among the participants were several new volunteers, including Mary Lee Plumb-Mentjes ‘71, Polly Young ‘79, and Larry Pearl ‘55, who is also an Alumni Board member. Three other Alumni Board members, Tanya Mink ‘65, Bernie Guyer ‘65, and Roger Husbands ’63 also participated in the work project, which preceded the March Alumni Board meeting. Throughout the week, volunteers were treated to delicious meals in the Coretta Scott King Center, prepared by Helen Welford ’69 and Louise Meller ’67, and even enjoyed a special “soul food” dinner prepared by Charlie Brown ’82.

March’s volunteer week saw the completion of a project that began in June 2013, at the annual Reunion Work Project. In June, volunteers began the initial work of removing and salvaging floor boards from the old gym for use on a sprung dance floor in the Foundry Theater. During the October 2013 Work Project, volunteers did the painstaking work of cleaning and removing nails from the floor boards and began constructing the plywood subfloor. In January 2014, they completed the plywood subfloor in preparation for nailing down the salvaged floor boards.  At March’s Work Project, after many months of careful planning and hard work, volunteers finally completed the sprung dance floor project! This involved sawing boards to size, removing many years worth of “gunk” from the boards, and nailing the boards into place.

Also in March, volunteers installed cove base in the Theater atrium (which was retiled in October), primed and painted in the experimental theater and in several rooms to be used for props and storage, and gave new life to some of the Theater’s doors after much sanding and varnishing. A list of volunteers who participated in March 2014 Volunteer Work Project is below.

Since June 2013, many volunteers have been involved in the sprung dance floor project and it is because of their continued commitment that students and faculty will soon be able to use the much-needed space. A special thanks for the hard work and dedication of these volunteers!

Want to lend a hand? Register TODAY for 2014 Reunion Work Project! To find out more about how to sign up, contact Rebecca Fensler, Alumni Relations Officer for Volunteers and Chapters at rfensler@antiochcollege.org or 937-286-7301.


A BIG, RESOUNDING thank you to all of the March 2014 Work Project Volunteers!

Charlie Brown ‘82

Peggy Erskine ‘60

Bernie Guyer ‘65

Jim Hunter ‘81

Roger Husbands ‘63

Evelyn LaMers ‘69

Tom LaMers ‘68

Louise Meller ‘67

Tanya Mink ‘65

Larry Pearl ‘55

Mary Lee Plumb-Mentjes ‘71

Marc Snyder ‘94

Jim Spangler ‘74

Jim Taft ‘68

Megan Trolander

Tod Tyslan ‘96

David Vincent ‘65

Helen Welford ‘69

Polly Young ‘79

Richard Zopf ‘73