Cooperative Education blog launches with student stories from the field

Starting a conversation with Antioch College alumni is often as easy as asking about co-op. For more than 90 years, Antioch College's cooperative education program has been facilitating meaningful employment opportunities for students.

The co-op blog harnesses the storytelling power of social media to document the experiences, opportunities and challenges that Antioch’s students encounter as they boldly go into the world.

Through student-written reflections, multimedia clips and videos, and faculty-written features highlighting integral learning from the classroom to the real world, the co-op blog reveals in graphic detail the grit and determination with which our students are immersed in the world of work.

“This blog is going to enable us to track the ways in which students are deepening their experiences and tying what they learn on co-op with debates both on campus and beyond, said Richard Kraince, dean of cooperative, experiential and international education.

For example, bioScience major Diana Harvey ’16 is featured in a video documenting her experience at Calala’s Water Haven in New London, Ohio. The video (produced by media arts major Frank Fortino ’16) features Diana working in various capacities on an aquaculture farm in high-definition imagery. Harvey then shared an excerpt of her work portfolio reflections in another post, connecting the calculations she learned in chemistry with her duties on the farm. Her most recent co-op at the Duke University Medical Center will be a future story, documenting her continual engagement and advancement into the world of biomedical sciences.

“It’s one thing to graduate from Antioch with an impressive list of co-ops on your resume,” Brooke Bryan, co-op faculty member, said. “We hope the ability to show deep engagement and documented contributions during co-op will bring our graduates to another level when interacting with future employers and graduate school admissions committees.” 

After months of development, the co-op blog launches publically today with a base of recent content and plans to post on a near-daily basis. The blog focuses on showing not just what students are doing, but what they are learning.

Built on Antioch College’s Drupal platform by co-op faculty member Brooke Bryan with major content creation by co-op faculty Beth Bridgeman and support from IT and communications staff, the site will also feature employment partners, trends in the employment landscape, and new developments in the co-op program like the Ohio Agrarian Trade Partnership and the Generative Energy Partnership. Visitors to the site will also find a “Suggest A Job” link for alumni referrals, and an ongoing video series.

The interactive landing page can be bookmarked at for future reference. Clicking “read more” on any post will feature its full text and expanded sidebar content and links to navigate throughout the site.

“We’re excited to be able to show off our students’ work,” Kraince said.

Bryan will continue to edit the site, which will curate content written by students and faculty. Contact Brooke Bryan with ideas for telling your co-op stories on the co-op blog.

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