October 2014 Volunteer Work Project Update

By Eric Miller ‘81

October 2014 Work Project Participants -  Front row: Michael Freese ʼ67 Kathy Huff ʼ67 Paul Feinstein ʼ70 Carl Smith ʼ63 Charlotte Hallam ʼ60 Brenda Manning ʼ67 Peggy Erskine ʼ60; Second row: David Vincent ʼ65 Jim Hunter ʼ82 Roger Huff ʼ67 Joan Horn ʼ56 Gary Houseknecht ʼ66 Tod Tyslan ʼ96 Marc Snyder ʼ92 Irwin “Pomey“ Pomerantz ʼ57 Diane Fishbein ʼ62 Roger Husbands ʼ63; Top row: Evelyn LaMers ʼ69 Joan Stockton ʼ65 Lee Feinstein ʼ70 Alice Verney 2003; Not shown: Toni Dosik ʼ67 Joe Foley ʼ64 Shirley Kristensen ʼ54 Tom LaMers ʼ69 Warren McKay ʼ59 Megan Trolander David Scott ʼ72 Howard Shook Jim Spangler ʼ74 Rossana Williams ʼ80 Richard Zopf ʼ73 Charlotte Norman ʼ18.


The Volunteer Work Project was on campus in October from the 5th to the 10th, and then some. It was a very exciting time for me to be involved in my very first work project as the Volunteer Work Project coordinator. Of course, I had hung out around the edges of several projects in the past. I helped paint the amphitheater and kibitzed at the theater floor project etc., but this was my first time to be fully involved even though, I have to admit, I still didn’t really get much dirt under my nails. It was fun being the new guy!

Thirty-three people volunteered, including one student from the class of 2018. Volunteers put in more than 1,000 hours of work. That coupled with $600 donated from the group to purchase TWO commemorative bricks for the Wellness Center, plus       gifts-in-kind equals approximately $25,400 contributed to the good of the College, while fun and cookies were being had by all.

We accomplished a lot. The big news continues to be the beginning of renovations to West Hall. Roger Husbands ʼ63 and Tom LaMers ʼ69 and others did continued work on a deep assessment of the condition of the building. The more we do the more we learn about what will be needed to bring it back online. Ninety percent of the lighting was repaired and made operational. The most arduous task, pulling up carpet staples, was taken on by a dozen volunteers with good humor making the entire second floor is now ready for the next stage of flooring renovation. Lead testing was done in several sites inside and outside of the building and no lead was found inside. So, scraping and painting can begin during the next work week in January.

Work continued on the Foundry Theater, too. David Vincent ʼ65 and his usual suspects, Tod Tyslan ʼ96, Marc Snyder ʼ92, Megan Trolander and Alice Verney ʼ03 scraped and painted windows. Evelyn LaMers ʼ69 repainted the sign over the door of the Theater. Roger Huff ʼ67 and Lee Inman Feinstein ʼ70 put some finishing touches on the dance studio floor. I know I should be more careful about naming names, people will be left out. I apologize in advance.

Mark Roosevelt, President, Mila Cooper, Director of the Coretta Scott King Center, Micah Canal, Dean of Admission, and Lori Collins-Hall, Dean of Academic Affairs all came to talk with us over delicious meals prepared by Perry Erskine ʼ60, Charlotte Hallam ʼ60, Joan Horn ʼ56 and Toni Dosik ʼ67 during the week. As always, there were spirited discussions and good Q & As.

Upcoming Work Project dates, January 26th – 30th, March 22nd – 27th, and June 15th – 19th. Please join us for the fun by registering here and now for the January Work Project.  Or, contact Eric Miller at emiller@antiochcollege.org or 937-286-9414.

A complete list of the hardworking volunteers who contributed to October’s work project is below.  Many thanks to all!



Toni Dosik ʼ67

Peggy Erskine ʼ60

Lee Feinstein ʼ70

Paul Feinstein ʼ70

Diane Fishbein ʼ62

Joe Foley ʼ64

Michael Freese ʼ67

Charlotte Hallam ʼ60

Joan Horn ʼ56

Gary Houseknecht ʼ66

Kathy Huff ʼ67

Roger Huff ʼ67

Jim Hunter ʼ82

Roger Husbands ʼ63

Shirley Kristensen ʼ54

Evelyn LaMers ʼ69

Tom LaMers ʼ69

Brenda Manning ʼ67

Warren McKay ʼ59

Charlotte Norman ʼ18

Irwin “Pomey“ Pomerantz ʼ57

David Scott ʼ72

Howard Shook

Carl Smith ʼ63

Marc Snyder ʼ92

Jim Spangler ʼ74

Joan Stockton ʼ65

Megan Trolander

Tod Tyslan ʼ96

Alice Verney ʼ03

David Vincent ʼ65

Rossana Williams ʼ80

Richard Zopf ʼ73