Antioch Reaches Accreditation Milestones: A Letter From Mark Roosevelt

Dear Antioch Community,

We reached yet another milestone in the accreditation process earlier this month when we submitted our Assurance Argument along with more than 400 supporting documents to the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). Thank you to everyone for their hard work in bringing us to this point, and thanks to all who submitted a comment during the open comment period.

I especially would like to thank both Dr. Lori Collins-Hall, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Hannah Spirrison, Director of Institutional Effectiveness—co-chairs of the Assurance Argument Steering Committee—for leading the development of the Assurance Argument. The Assurance Argument and the supporting documentation make a strong argument for accreditation and positioned us well at the site visit earlier this week.

At our site visit exit interview, the HLC team spoke highly of the preparation for the visit and the gracious, helpful, authentic and welcoming spirit of everyone on campus. They were extremely impressed with the high-levels of participation by faculty, staff, and students in the open sessions. While Hannah and Lori led the accreditation process and warrant a special thanks, it was truly a campus-wide effort. I would like to thank every member of the steering committee and criterion team members for their diligence in preparing materials and writing and reviewing drafts of the document. I also want to acknowledge all the members of our community who contributed in a multitude of ways from providing information for the report to planning and providing support to the team while they were here.

We expect the team’s initial report in late December or January. Sadly, this report goes only to the President for review and corrections in errors of fact and cannot be shared with the community. In April, the new President and institutional representatives for accreditation attend the Institutional Actions Council hearing. We will receive final notification of our accreditation status when the HLC Board meets in June 2016. This is when we will be able to share the results with the community at large.

I encourage you to read the Executive Summary of the Assurance Argument available along with a PDF of the full Argument on our website: It outlines key institutional numbers, indices of success, the process of compiling the Assurance Argument, and the progress that we have made since the Candidacy visit. It also contains a summary for each of the HLC’s five criteria. Please note that Antioch is one of the first colleges to use the HLC’s online system, and since the Assurance Argument PDF is from this new system, we have limited control over format. In this document, the blue underlined text represents source links. They are inactive in the web version, but the review team can access the documents through the online portal.

The Assurance Argument is designed by the HLC to be self-evaluative in nature and will be used to drive improvements. Accordingly, you will find examples of successes, challenges, and opportunities throughout the Assurance Argument and the Executive Summary. To develop this argument, Assurance Argument Steering Committee and Criterion Team members—36 in all—were intentionally drawn from around campus to ensure broad representation by functional area and organization level. We feel that this process resulted in a strong document that accurately reflects the College’s strengths, challenges, and opportunities.


Mark Roosevelt

President, Antioch College