Student Sous Chef Program Takes Off

By Angelina Rodriguez

Antioch Kitchens hosted the first participant in the Student Sous Chef Program on Nov. 17 for the afternoon meal. The program is intended to allow participation in the kitchen by students who want to see their identity or culture reflected in their food on campus. Ivette’s grandmother’s Mole Negro.

Ivette Chavez was a great candidate because she aspires to become a chef. As she explained, “I loved being able to cook a dish that reminded me of my roots and of home.”

It was a mutual learning experience for the chefs and the student and enriched the sense of community. As Patty explained, “It was really cool to work closely with a student to create a meal that has a history in their family. As a home cook and a chef there are certain meals that you make that evoke memories, they transport you and remind you of another place and time. To have the opportunity to work with a student to create that for them was really amazing... also a bonus to have great feedback from all the student diners!”

It was mutual, as Ivette immediately said, “It was really great working with Patty and Jared!” The first time was a bit of a test run and we were able to smooth out some bumps in the program. Ivette will be returning after Thanksgiving break to make flan for dessert.

As a Cuban American, I’m very excited to participate in this as well. Making flan in my family home was a careful, all day activity. I hope to run the program 1-2 times during winter quarter. Folks of marginalized identities will be considered first, contact if you are interested in participating next quarter.