A Buffalo Grazing

The Gifts that Keep Giving

December 01, 2012

Fellow Antiochians and friends! Happy New Year from the busy Olive Kettering Library and a busy Antioch College campus during the library’s final “Super Sunday!” How amazing it is to be already heading to the end of Fall 2012! The holidays, the quarter’s end, the New Year, and a first national co-op experience are rapidly approaching for some fairly new Antiochians.

Downward Dogs and Lifters and Leaners

November 01, 2012

Well, Antiochians, October 2012 has been the Olive Kettering Library’s busiest month since the College’s reopening. During October, 1,603 pairs of feet have come through the library. And over 1,000 pairs of these feet have been student feet! When you think about it, that is quite the feat for such a fledgling community.

Founder’s Week, Fall Foliage, and Other Forms of Fun

October 01, 2012

There is so much happening on campus and it is happening so fast that is hard to know where to start and how much can one squeeze into a short missive.

Red Square and Diversity

September 01, 2012

This second week of September has brought some of this year’s best weather. Imagine Yellow Springs with a long string of cool, crisp mornings, yet pleasantly warm afternoons with abundant sunshine! These are unbearable days to be inside, and yet, Antiochians are having finals as summer term 2012 heads to a close.

Seeds of Change: Elaine Comegys and Diversity

August 01, 2012

One of the Antiochians I most often miss and think about is Elaine Comegys, former associate dean of students. She was a great mentor and partner in fighting what Professor Emerita Jewel Graham called “the good fight.” She worked to build a community where everyone is simply appreciated for who they are.

Three Sisters and a Nephew

July 01, 2012

By this second fortnight of July, the excitement of Reunion and the Alumni Volunteer Work Project 2012 has passed, and the first co-op term has finished. Within a number of weeks, 75-something first-year students will arrive—the Class of 2016. Two students from that group arrived early, though, and are busy setting up some roots here on campus. They may even be working on some other roots as they are laboring some at the Antioch Farm!

The Cavalry Keeps Coming

June 01, 2012

Monday, June 12, marked the fifth anniversary of the announcement of what Tendaji Ganges ’71 has whimsically termed “the great interruption,” the day when the University announced the upcoming suspension of Antioch College on June 30, 2008. On June 12, 2007, all College employees were summoned to Kelly Hall in Main Building and received news that both shocked and grieved us. At home that night, while doing dishes, my other half caught me staring into some cosmic space and asked what was wrong with me. He said it was only a job; why was I acting so crazy?

North Hall’s Wells and Belles

May 01, 2012

Here on campus, we’re halfway through the first co-op. This first co-op for students is local—Yellow Springs or in nearby communities like Kettering, Dayton, and Springfield. This gives everyone a chance to sink extra roots into campus and each other before heading to places more distant. So right now we are “enduring” blue skies, warm days, and cool evenings! The horseshoe on campus resonates daily with the pounding sounds of drilling for North Hall’s geothermal wells. Luckily enough, McGregor, South Hall, and the Tall Pine Stand by the library provide a great acoustic buffer to all that “wellness.”

Two’s Company!

April 01, 2012

Good things sometimes come in twos! Last week, Jen Paul ’93 and Peter Klarnet ’91 were the perfect twosome to come and spend time at the Olive Kettering library. They came from New York City to review the papers of Louis Filler. Filler was one of Antioch College’s most published and beloved history professors—he was Professor of American Civilization for more than four decades. He was the editor of the Antioch Review, and produced a score of other historians, as well as lawyers.

Transitions of March

March 01, 2012

When I think of March 2012 on the Antioch College campus, the first word that comes to mind is “transitions.” March 2012 came roaring in with cold weather, but icy winds were quickly forgotten as the familiar faces of the Alumni Board gathered. They brought with them some wonderful warmth and wisdom, as well as the institutional memory of six decades. I saw Glenda Cox May ’82 for the first time in thirty years—but it felt like those years were just a minute! We laughed constantly, and had a wonderful time at the Alumni Board jaunt to the Farm’s new greenhouse.