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We hope you can join us for the new date and a fall gathering on campus. Mark your calendars for September 8–11 for Reunion activities. What better way to celebrate the labor movement than arriving... › MORE

Nominate someone (or yourself) for the Alumni Board! During Reunion we welcomed new members and officers to the Alumni Board, but it is already time to gather more candidates. If you or someone... › MORE

By Matt Desjardins With Mark Roosevelt recently departed for Santa Fe and Tom Manley officially taking over the reigns on March 1, I once again find myself pinch hitting for this column. Let me... › MORE

Antioch's Dr. Karen Velasquez, cultural anthropologist/sociolinguist and Assistant Professor of Cooperative Education, has had some recent press coverage surrounding her forthcoming book.... › MORE

Renowned black psychiatrist Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, author of the seminal 1991 work, The Isis (Yssis) Papers: The Keys To The Colors (Third World Press) died on Jan. 2, 2015, from a stroke... › MORE

Happy New Year, Antiochians! What follows appeared in the very first issue of the earliest College publication in Antiochiana, not to mention the earliest known account of an Antioch Christmas... › MORE

By Kat Christen January on the farm is a great time to reflect on the previous growing season and look ahead, through the snowflakes, to the next. Thanks to our great student staff and Antioch... › MORE

As winter quarter 2016 and El Nino roll into Yellow Springs and Antioch College this Buffalo is about to start what is probably his 150th or so term at Antioch. It depends on whether you count the... › MORE

First Row: L to R: Stan Morse ’65, Charlotte Boyd Hallam ’60, Tanya Mink ’65, Karen Foreit ’67, Deborah Warfield ’94 Second Row: L to R: David Vincent ’65, Allen Spalt ‘6, Mark Reynolds ‘80,... › MORE


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