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A variety of pathways on the Antioch College campus to promote walking and biking A diversity of housing models, including cottages, townhouses and co-housing Edible landscaping Places for... › MORE

This weekend Antioch College kicks off a community input process for a housing project that would be located on the college campus. Housing, and especially affordable housing, is a big issue in... › MORE

Photos courtesy of Time InIn 2014, we saw amazing strides and accomplishments made by women throughout the art world. No matter where you looked, there seemed to be women artists, curators,... › MORE

By Mark RooseveltThe great American poet, Philip Levine, died this month. For years, when my New Yorker arrived I would look for the two or three poems they would publish, happy when Levine, Jack... › MORE

Unlike some other parts of the planet, Southwest Ohio has real weather. After a long winter respite from relatively cold weather, a sudden cold-hearted “valentine” arrived on campus right on... › MORE

By Charlotte Pulitzer ‘16 Spring is (almost) here! Even though the garden beds are covered in a foot of snow, and the chickens go in their coops for an early roost, the farm crew got a rush of... › MORE

Message from Alumni Relations March seems to sneak in, yet arrive so quickly. Soon the campus will be budding with crocuses, the farm with spring greens, and first year students with anticipation... › MORE

By Isaac DeLamarte We have reached the halfway point in winter. These are dark days for vegetables, and by extension, food. The only local vegetable we have seen in months is turnips. This is the... › MORE

Please take a few minutes to vote in this year’s election for members of your Alumni Association Board of Directors. Please select eight candidates. Candidates with the most votes will go on to... › MORE


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