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By Marianthe Bickett ‘15 The greatest change we need to make is from consumption to production, even if on a small scale, in our own gardens. If only 10% of us do this there is enough for... › MORE

Originally from Queens, I am a cultural anthropologist specializing in the anthropology of education, workplace and labor migration studies, sociolinguistics, and immigrant populations in the U.S.... › MORE

Traditions and reflections. A measure of friendship. A new tradition is emerging at Antioch College. For the past two summers Antioch Kitchens has hosted a community event to honor the hard work of... › MORE

Beth Bridgeman, Instructor of Co-operative Education, recently took a small group of students to the Seed Savers Exchange conference in Decorah, Iowa. Seed Savers Exchange is the largest non-... › MORE

09.02.2015   Milton Holmes Jr. '70 Born on May 25, 1947, in St. Louis, Missouri, to Milton and Easter Holmes, Milton Holmes Jr. died on Aug. 28, 2015. An accomplished artist in St... › MORE

In the August 23rd 2015 issue The New York Times Book Review posed this question to two authors: “Do We Mistake Inaccessibility for Brilliance?” Do we think that only hard books—think of The Sound... › MORE

“Step by step, student by student, donation by donation until accreditation.” This is my mantra. We are progressively growing and changing. The Fall brings a buzz to campus, especially as we prepare... › MORE

At the risk of first-person voice, over the weekend I helped Kevin Rose, Historian for the Turner Foundation of Springfield, lead a tour of Modernist architecture on the Antioch College campus.... › MORE

Terry Baum ‘69 has been creating theater in San Francisco since she founded Lilith, the Women’s Theater Collective, in 1974. As a solo performer of her own work, she has toured the U.S., Canada,... › MORE

The beleaguered August Wilson Center announced new funding, programming and board members in the latest effort to bring the African-American arts institution into financial viability and to fulfill... › MORE


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