Our Wins

Compiled by Christian Feuerstein ’94

Warren Bennis ’51 writes about the “invisible business school curriculum”—mentors—in an article in Bloomberg Businessweek. He writes that his mentor, Douglas McGregor, then-president of Antioch College, persuaded him to go to MIT.

InsideOut Literacy Arts Project, an organization founded by Terry Blackhawk ’68, has won a “Closing the Gap” award for making positive change in race relations.

Anna Ciezadlo ’94, author of Day of Honey, won the Best First Book award from Books for a Better Life.

Mark Harrison ’57 was re-elected as a board member for Justice at Stake, a nonpartisan group dedicated to keeping courts fair and impartial.

Mark Higbee ’83 will manage one of the historical reenactment games at the annual National Institute of the Reacting to the Past Consortium, to be held at Barnard College in New York, June 7–10.

Alexandra Kesman ’08, managing director of Know Theatre (and Fringe), appeared in a recent Cincinnati.com article about the record year at the Cincinnati Fringe Festival.

Sylvia Nasar ’70 was featured in a TIME magazine column about Ohio’s economy.

Alex Statdner ’00 is the president of the now-expanded Healthy Building Science in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Lynda White ’89 and her pottery business were featured in Sweet Paul magazine.