Shout Out!

If you want to give a “shout out” to a fellow classmate, e-mail Andrew McKenzie

E. Daniel Ayres ’66.

wants to start an alumni chapter in the Detroit/Toledo/Ann Arbor area.

I have long hoped that someone would step up and take the lead for social and networking arrangements in our area of Michigan. So far, it has not happened. I think one of the reasons is that those with the inclination all are highly involved with a number of organizations and groups already and feel that they don't have the time to "be responsible" for an alumni chapter. My health and other personal commitments have made me personally reluctant to step forward as well. I would like to shout out to others in my area with similar issues and feelings to see if we can come up with a more organic “leadership team” approach using e-mail, social media, and volunteer event coordinator roles.

If you are interested in getting involved, send me your contact information, a statement of what you might be willing to take on, etc. and I’ll try to bring some of the folks who respond together for a face-to-face organizing session, or to help select and implement a social media hub we can all use. I promise to make available to all who contact me at least a summary of the information I get from this shout out, and hopefully a list of get together ideas/locations/issues/people which can create a local network for the area.