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A Little Life

Hanya Yanagihara’s A Little Life is a sprawling, overwrought punch to the stomach, wrenching to a degree that is difficult to describe. I was close to finishing it on an airplane, but had to stop reading as I could not control my weeping. I have never read a novel which left me so shattered.

A Defining Moment

By Mark Roosevelt

Recently I was hit hard by a startling piece of news —as of 2013, a majority of public school students in the United States live in poverty. Significantly, this is a national, not just an urban, problem. For example, low-income students now make up 40 percent of our suburban schools.

Vacation reading

By Mark Roosevelt

I reserve a part of a book shelf for “vacation nominees.” These are books that I believe will be especially compelling when my time is relatively free, and I can make my way through even a very long book in a compact period of time.  

The loss of the wild

For the last few months, I have avoiding writing about species extinction, the loss of the wild, and how human encroachment is changing all facets of life on earth. I found it difficult to write about because it is so painful. And I knew that if I wrote about it, there could be no sugarcoating or half-heartedness. I would have to face it—squarely.